Three Strategic Goals

Improve & Expand the Quality of Housing

Increase the Overall Homeowner Percentage

No Displacement of Any Neighbor

The Home Street Project

This cinder block house will be transformed into a beautiful rental property for one of our neighbors. This house is located at the very end of Home street and sits adjacent to a quaint and tiny park. We can’t wait to renovate this rental for one of our neighbors. Come make a difference in our neighborhood by helping us renovate a rental.

The Church Street Project

This charming house has sat vacant in the neighborhood for over 30 years. It has a long history and is one of the largest houses in the neighborhood. It sits on the corner of South Church Street. It is surrounded by a larger front back yard filled with old oak and pecan trees. We’re excited to see this endearing and pleasant place brought back to it’s former beauty. Come make a difference in our neighborhood by helping us make this house a home.

Make A Difference With Us

Different projects and events will be updated periodically on this page. If you’re interested in making a difference with us in South Rocky Mount, we encourage you to check this page periodically or sign up for updates here.